NKOSASANA Soap - with Essential Oils & Botanical Herbal Extracts

Price: R35

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<b>Money</b> - Semali
Money - Semali

Enriched with Bergamot & Grapefruit

<b>Come to Me / Lucky</b> - Woza Woza
Come to Me / Lucky - Woza Woza

Enriched with Orange & Ginger

<b>Top Job, Top $</b> - Sebenza
Top Job, Top $ - Sebenza

<b>Be the Best ! Get the Best ! </b> - $$ Umkhanya Kude
Be the Best ! Get the Best ! - $$ Umkhanya Kude


<b>Lovers</b> - Uthando
Lovers - Uthando

Enriched with Ginseng

<b>Attraction</b> - Bhekamina
Attraction - Bhekamina

Enriched with Musk, Rose & Strawberry

<b>Passion</b> - Isivuthe-Vuthe
Passion - Isivuthe-Vuthe

<b>Marriage</b> - Lenyalo
Marriage - Lenyalo

Enriched with Coconut & Cinnamon


Enriched with Botanical Herbal Extracts.
Tightens vaginal muscle
Suitable for sensitive area.

<b>Virginity</b> - Ubuntombi
Virginity - Ubuntombi

Enriched with Antiseptic Essential oils


<b>3-in-1 Protection</b> - Isivikelo
3-in-1 Protection - Isivikelo

Enriched with Pomegranate, Frangipani, Camphor, Lucky Beans & Aniseed.
1. Protects against negativity & Evil forces.
2. Fights back and chases away Evil.
3. Brings back Luck into your life.

<b>Go Away Evil</b> - Isinyama
Go Away Evil - Isinyama

Enriched with Camphor & Aniseed

<b>Black Magic</b> - Go Away Satan
Black Magic - Go Away Satan

<b>Fight Back Spiritual</b> - Pinda Mshaye
Fight Back Spiritual - Pinda Mshaye

Enriched with Frangipani & Clove


<b>Dreams</b> - Amaphupho
Dreams - Amaphupho

Enriched with Lavender & Chamomile

<b>Miracles</b> - Nozimanga
Miracles - Nozimanga

<b>Open the Doors/Unblocker</b> - Vulakuvaliwe
Open the Doors/Unblocker - Vulakuvaliwe

<b>Alluring & Charming</b> - Velabahleke
Alluring & Charming - Velabahleke


Enriched with Moringa oil, 100% natural
* Lightens skin and dark marks
* Clears pimples & acne
* Helps all skin problems