Marilyn Jordan

Speciality: Empathic Energy & Crystal Healer

Marilyn Jordan is an intuitive empathic energy and crystal healer, and is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. She has also studied Astrology and Life Coaching.

I discovered my gift of being a guided Empath over 30 years ago, and the Lemurian Energy Healing followed soon after.
I decided to study and qualify as a BodyTalk Practitioner in 2015, as I felt it gave me a vehicle to practice not only my gifts, but to apply them in a more scientific way at the same time.

My strength is Emotional Healing and releasing stuck old wounds that no longer serve you.”

  • Rate: R 700.00 - 1 hour session
    $55 for Paypal clients overseas

  • Days & Times:

Monday to Friday 9am,10,11,12,2,3pm

First Saturday of the month 9am,10,11,12

John Bell MD

Speciality: Holistic Metaphysical Therapy / Coaching

John is a Qualified Medical Practitioner (Wits.) and has a specialist degree in Community Medicine (UCT).

After a good few years practicing allopathic medicine my focus began to shift as I began to understand the role of Spirit, Mind & Emotion in any and ultimately all Healing.
The Body-Mind is a valid concept with a vital function in any change and healing.
This led me to spend two years in San Francisco studying Holistic Psychology at Antioch University.
My goal has become one of assisting others in moving towards greater wholeness whether in health or illness on any or all levels of Mind, Emotion or Body.The Spirit too, can become worn down and need to be supported in its return to vitality.

I use Holistic Psychology, Guided Visualisation and assist others in finding their own maps for healing and change.
I have helped those with everyday, relationship and emotional issues as well as others coping with life-threatening conditions or debilitating issues that orthodox medicine cannot readily solve.
Each individual needs and is able to play an active role in their own health or healing process.
I work alongside my more orthodox Medical colleagues.

  • Rate: R 500.00 - 45 mins
    $45 for Paypal clients overseas

  • Days & Times:

Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat: 2, 3, 4pm

Zoom calls

Please contact House of Isis initially on Whatsapp 063 777 4640.
We will pass your request to Marilyn or John and they will then contact you to set up the appointment.