Explore your Spirituality…”

House of Isis

House of Isis is an esoteric shop in Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg (established 1988).

We stock a wide variety of items for your Personal & Spiritual growth including books, music & meditation CD’s, tarot & oracle cards, crystals, incense & statues.
We also offer Tarot & Psychic consultations and Aura photos.

Our motto: “Explore your Spirituality” urges you to become aware of all aspects of yourself, to integrate them and understand yourself better.
Also to reinforce your connection with God/Goddess and ask for guidance from your Higher Self, Guides & Angels to help with your growth.

Feel free to be who you are! Knowing that every day you become more!

Shop C308 level 3

Rosebank Mall

Phone: 011 447 2349 / 063 777 4640

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