Trove of Valhalla

Carefully and lovingly carved in lead-free English pewter, they are provided with a matching 18” chain
and a descriptive leaflet that gives the provenance of all 16 Trove of Valhalla pendants.

V1 Roving Longboat <b>R160</b>
V1 Roving Longboat R160

For Protection on the Sea of Life.
Roving Longboat for Protection on the Sea of Life.

V5 Nordic Crossle <b>R195</b>
V5 Nordic Crossle R195

For Purity & Spirituality.
The Vikings readily accepted accepted Christ into their own pantheon of Gods and the cross became a recognised symbol. The crossle has a single cross on each arm, transforming the usual equal-armed design into five crosses, empowering and augmenting its beauty.

V9 Web of Wyrd <b>R270</b>
V9 Web of Wyrd R270

For Developing Potential.
This open ribbonwork trefoil represents the Web of Wyrd woven by the three Norns, Norse goddesses of fate. Vikings believed that each one could influence his future but all were subject to the cosmic destiny of Wyrd, spun by the Norns with the skein of life.

V13 Viking Hero <b>R320</b>
V13 Viking Hero R320

For Courage & Endurance.
Vikings stove to be brave warriors, daring in battle and contemptuous of defeat. They were motivated by the unshakable belief in their ultimate reward in Valhalla. The Viking hero, in helmet and heavily embossed shield, personifies the Viking spirit.

V2 North Star <b>R160</b>
V2 North Star R160

For Direction and Constancy.
Through magic, Odin spun the heavens around Veraldar Nagli or the World Spike. Known to us as the North Star – beautifully interpreted here as a pendant – it was essential in navigation and was named by the Vikings Odin’s Eye.

V6 Thor's Hammer <b>R195</b>
V6 Thor's Hammer R195

For Inner Strength.
Red bearded Thor, the Vikings’ favourite god, was the people’s champion with his supernatural strength and feisty humour. When he swung his hammer, Mjöllnir, Thor was invincible. Small hammers were often worn as tokens of identification and loyalty with Thor.

V10 Urne's Snake <b>R270</b>
V10 Urne's Snake R270

For Skill and Ingenuity.
Carved on large rune stones in Urnes, Norway, thse snakes are the symbol of Loki (shape changer and trickster), the clever God as flexible as a Serpent in wriggling out of trouble. Vikings believed snakes, in shedding their skins, were both wise and unique.

V14 Wolf Cross <b>R320</b>
V14 Wolf Cross R320

For Vitality & Success.
This re-creation of a famous Icelandic pendant worn by Christian and pagan Vikings alike, with the cross and Thor’s Hammer coming together in an open cross within the cross, celebrates the life force of the sun. The wolf’s head marks respect for animal cunning.

V3 Northern Knot <b>R160</b>
V3 Northern Knot R160

For Happy Love & Friendship.
An ancient symbol, the winding knot represents both the complexity of the Self and the binding of Relationships in an endless pattern.

V7 Viking Axe <b>R195</b>
V7 Viking Axe R195

For Achievement & Victory.
The axe was a primary weapon, also used peaceably for ship building and in crafts and magic. In the Vopusa (The Sibyl’s Prophecy), a seeress tells Odin of an axe-age, a sword-age and a wolf-age preceeding Ragnarok - the end of the Viking’s world - which Odin must try to delay but cannot prevent.

V11 Dragonhead Boat <b>R270</b>
V11 Dragonhead Boat R270

For Safety on Journeys.
The longboat figurehead was an important magical charm believed to frighten off supernatural predators just as defensive shields would protect them from human foes. Voyages could be dangerous, and the Vikings sought the guardianship of the dragon symbol for protection and good fortune when away from the home harbour.

V15 Wolf Hammer <b>R320</b>
V15 Wolf Hammer R320

For Strength & Virility.
The dwarf Eitri forged Thor’s Hammer, considered by the Norse gods to be the best of their weapons and treasures. Here Fenrir, the wolf-being son of Loki, locks his jaws of supernatural force around the almighty power of Mjollnir in this ultimate charm for Masculine Empowerment.

V4 Gripping Beast <b>R160</b>
V4 Gripping Beast R160

For Regeneration & Vitality.
This fantasy creature, a lion-horse-dog, has paws clutching the edges of its frame and was frequently depicted in traditional Nordic animal art. Its energy and movement captures the restless versatility of the Viking age and was a popular decorative motif.

V8 Scanda Cross <b>R195</b>
V8 Scanda Cross R195

For Love and Harmony.
Christianity won Viking converts when missionaries of the church destroyed their pagan temples and yet suffered no divine retribution from the old Gods. Vikings travelled through Christian strongholds and their craftsmen embraced the cross, bringing northern artistry to Christian symbolism.

V12 Sun Wheel <b>R270</b>
V12 Sun Wheel R270

For Wealth & Abundance.
The Midguard Serpent Jormungand encircles the Sunwheel, one of the oldest and most sacred of man’s symbols. Sunwheels feature on rock carvings and jewellery throughout the Norse world to mark the importance of the sun in agriculture and is traditional link with the precious metal, gold.

V16 Odin's Mask <b>R320</b>
V16 Odin's Mask R320

For Cunning and Discretion.
Mythology relates that Odin sometimes wore a mask when encountering potential opponents. His mask was so terrifying that enemies often retreated without any need for fighting on Odin’s part, thus saving “AllFather’s” energy for more enjoyable and profitable pursuits.