<b>FB1 Bathomet</b>- Light & Darkness <br><b>Price:R470</b>
FB1 Bathomet- Light & Darkness

A symbol of Black Magic to many, the goat of Mendes was an intrinsic part of the Black Sabbath. However the fire torch between its horns reveals its deeper meaning of the perpetual struggle between Light with Darkness. Unless you are already experienced with the Magickal Arts, this Talisman should not be empowered

<b>FB5 Imp's Cross</b> - Losing Inhibitions <br><b>Price:R420</b>
FB5 Imp's Cross - Losing Inhibitions

Devilishly blending Beauty with Temptation, this Impish Cross is desinged to inspire the wearer to sacrifice their Inhibitions on the Altar of Hedonism.

<b>FB9 Celtic Pentcross</b> - Protection <br><b>Price:R420</b>
FB9 Celtic Pentcross - Protection

A powerful synthesis of Christian and Pagan symbols interwoven around the Celtic everlasting Knot of Life, forming a powerful Magickal Amulet for Protection.

<b>FB13 Lamia </b>- Darkness & Renewal  <br><b>Price:R470</b>
FB13 Lamia - Darkness & Renewal

As the only nocturnal flying mammal, bats have, from the beginning of time, been associated with flight and the night. Lamia, Latin for Witch or Vampire, is both a symbol for darkness and also for the Blood of Life and Renewal.

<b>FB17 Dracogram</b>- Premonitions  <br><b>Price:R470</b>
FB17 Dracogram- Premonitions

Clutching its Divination Ball, the Dragon symbolises Life Force combined with the Magickal energy of the Pentagram to form a powerful Talisman for scrying into the future.

<b>FB2 Zagan Cross</b> - Transformation <br><b>Price:R420</b>
FB2 Zagan Cross - Transformation

Based on the Sigil of Zagan from the Goetia of Solomon, this cross is reputed to make the wearer witty and to bestow upon him or her the power to turn water into wine, metal into coins and even make fools wise. For Transformation.

<b>FB6 Key of Solomon</b> - Sorcery <br><b>Price:R320</b>
FB6 Key of Solomon - Sorcery

Symbolising the Key to the gate of King Solomon’s Occult learning and Arcane Knowledge this Magickal pendant is reputed to bestow upon its wearer the power of Sorcery and should be used with the Wisdom of Solomon.

<b>FB10 Sickle of Saule</b> -       Reaping the Fruits of Life  <br><b>Price:R320</b>
FB10 Sickle of Saule - Reaping the Fruits of Life

A Sun Goddess for growth, harvest and fertility, Saule was known as the Sun-Virgin and Mother Sun. Her sickle is reputed to bestow upon the wearer Abundance and Plenty.

<b>FB14 Draco Sword </b>- Vitality, Wit & Protection  <br><b>Price:R420</b>
FB14 Draco Sword - Vitality, Wit & Protection

Symbolising the synthesis of the Elements of Fire (represented by the Dragon) and Air (represented by the Sword), this potent Magickal weapon can be used as a Talisman for Vitality, Wit and Protection.

<b>FB3 Seal of Astaroth</b> - Power & Knowledge. A working wax seal.  <br><b>Price:R420 </b>
FB3 Seal of Astaroth - Power & Knowledge. A working wax seal.

Reproduced from the Goetia, the famous Magickal Grimoire of Solomon, this functioning wax seal is reputed to be able to cause Love between and man and a woman, raise thunder and lightning and give answers to all things Secret and Divine.

<b>FB7 Dragonstar</b> - Balance & Stability <br><b>Price:R420</b>
FB7 Dragonstar - Balance & Stability

Intertwined in perfect Harmony, the male and female Dragons represent the polarity of the Life Force around the five Elements of the Magickal Pentagram, forming a Talisman for Balance and Stability.

<b>FB11 Dragon Athame</b> - Manifestation of Thought  <br><b>Price:R470</b>
FB11 Dragon Athame - Manifestation of Thought

The Life Force, symbolised by the Dragon, in harmony with the Powers of the Intellect invoked by the Athame (representing Air) combine to create a powerful Talisman for bringing ideas into reality.

<b>FB15 Eagershelm</b> - Protection & Achievement.  <br><b>Price:R420</b>
FB15 Eagershelm - Protection & Achievement.

Also known by the Vikings as Aegisjalmur this eightfold spindle symbolises order and completion. Considered to be the greatest Talisman for Magickal Power in the North, it is reputed to help its wearer create Order from Chaos, successfully complete all tasks undertaken and is considered to have Protective Powers.

<b>FB18 Thor's Hammer</b> - Strength, Courage & Success  <br><b>Price:R420</b>
FB18 Thor's Hammer - Strength, Courage & Success

Viewed as a symbol of Consecration and Divine Regal Power by the ancient Nordic people, this Talisman was worn for Strength, Courage and Success

<b>FB4 Sacred Dragon Amulet</b> - Physical & Psychic Protection <br><b>Price:R560</b>
FB4 Sacred Dragon Amulet - Physical & Psychic Protection

Centred around the Star of Solomon, inscribed with the Tetragrammaton (the Holy Hebrew Name of God) the Dragon Guardians serve as a reminder of the potency of this powerful, protective Amulet.

<b>FB8 The Rose Cross</b> - High Magick  <br><b>Price:R620</b>
FB8 The Rose Cross - High Magick

Designed by S.L.MacGregor Mathers, the Head of The Order of the Golden Dawn and combining the elements, the planets and the 22 paths on the tree of Life, this extraordinary Cross can be the key to Initiation on the path to High Magick. Can be empowered to any High Purpose.

<b>FB12 Dragon Skull</b> - Wealth & Riches  <br><b>Price:R470</b>
FB12 Dragon Skull - Wealth & Riches

In legend, a vessel of Prophecy and Magick, thought by many to be the key to finding the Dragon’s Treasure. The Dragon Skull’s grim exterior conceals a Talisman for Wealth and Riches.

<b>FB16 Goetia Cross</b> - Intuition (piece hangs both ways) <br><b>Price:R470</b>
FB16 Goetia Cross - Intuition (piece hangs both ways)

Centred around an Arcane symbol from the Grimoire of Goetia this Magickal Cross is reputed to bestow upon its wearer the Power of Second Sight.

<b>FB19 Cross of Dark Light</b> - Illumination (hangs both ways) <br><b>Price:R560</b>
FB19 Cross of Dark Light - Illumination (hangs both ways)

Constructed around the most profound symbol in the Lesser Key of Solomon, the creative light of the Holy Tetragrammaton inscribed in the central Pentagram, balances the dark energy of the surrounding cross in a perfect metaphor for Universal Polarity. Reputed to bestow upon its wearer the power to see Darkness where others see light and Light where others see Darkness.