Celtic Sorcery

Crafted in English pewter, with a matching 18” link chain.

CS1 Queen Guinevere Cross <b>R390</b>
CS1 Queen Guinevere Cross R390

True Love.
Handed down from Leodegrance to his daughter Guinevere on the occasion of her marriage to King Arthur and then given as a secret Love Token to her champion Lancelot, this unusual cross is reputed to enable its wearer to find and embrace True Love.

CS5 Unicorn Wand <b>R270</b>
CS5 Unicorn Wand R270

Spiritual Development.
Traditionally a symbol of Purity, when used as a wand the Unicorn horn becomes a potent Talisman for achieving goals of Spiritual and Personal Development.

CS9 Raith Gras Cross <b>R320</b>
CS9 Raith Gras Cross R320

Season’s Grace.
Incorporating the Celtic signs for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, this equilateral cross was worn to balance the Elemental Forces and is worn for Season Grace.

CS13 The First Lady <b>R390</b>
CS13 The First Lady R390

Entwined with her Serpent, Eve symbolises the creative essence of Feminine Energy, manifesting the intuitive qualities of Woman. This Talisman is reputed to bestow upon the wearer the benefits of Intuition and Inner Strength.

CS2 Pentagram of Briingamen <b>R320</b>
CS2 Pentagram of Briingamen R320

Charm & Beauty.
Wrought by Earth Spirits and given to the Viking Goddess Freya by the Aesir of Odin, this pentagram is reputed to bestow upon its wearer irresistible Beauty and Charm.

CS6 Plantagenet Unicorn <b>R320</b>
CS6 Plantagenet Unicorn R320

Protection & Prosperity.
The Unicorn is known in many parts of the World as a Guardian and also as a symbol of Wealth, Good Fortune and Purity. This amulet is worn for Protection and Prosperity

CS10 Hammer of the Aesir <b>R320</b>
CS10 Hammer of the Aesir R320

Protection whilst Travelling.
A hammer amulet of the Viking God Thor, incorporating the heads of Tanngnjostor and Tanngrisner the Supernatural goats that drew his chariot through the heavens. This Talisman is worn for Protection whilst Travelling.

CS14 Staff of Myrddin <b>R320</b>
CS14 Staff of Myrddin R320

Second Sight.
Derived from the prophecy of the battling Red and White Dragons made by the young Merlin to the Barbarian King Vortigern, this Amulet is reputed to bestow upon its wearer Second Sight.

CS3 St Columba's Cross <b>R390</b>
CS3 St Columba's Cross R390

A direct descendant of King Niall, St Columba encountered the Loch Ness monster, which rudely swallowed one of his followers. St Columba spoke to it so forcefully that it appears to have been in hiding ever since! St Columba’s cross is reputed to bestow Fearlessness on its wearer.

CS7 Brigit's Sun Charm <b>R320</b>
CS7 Brigit's Sun Charm R320

Inner Light.
Brigit was the Sun Goddess known in Ireland as “Bride of Golden Hair” and in England and Wales as “Bride Goddess of Marriage”. As the Celtic Goddess of Light and Spirituality her Amulet is worn for manifesting and nurturing your own Inner Light.

CS11 Ambrosius Cross <b>R390</b>
CS11 Ambrosius Cross R390

Strength & Wisdom.
A Predecessor of King Arthur, Ambrosius Aurelianus the wise High King who bravely defended the West from the onslaught of the Saxon Hoards. This pendant is worn for Strength And Wisdom.

CS15 Dragons of Wyrd <b>R320</b>
CS15 Dragons of Wyrd R320

Mystical Energy.
Wrought from the swirling mists of the Wyrd, the Celtic term for the interconnection of all things, this Winged Dragon pendant is worn to Connect With The Mystical Energy Of The Universe.

CS4 Odin's Spell Sword <b>R270</b>
CS4 Odin's Spell Sword R270

Decorated in Odins bindrune spells, this sword is reputed to guard and protect the wearer’s Body and Soul, Hearth and Home.

CS8 Boudicea's Charm <b>R320</b>
CS8 Boudicea's Charm R320

Courage & Tenacity.
Known as the Great Warrior of Albion, Boudica (Boadicea) fearlessly led her people to battle against the Romans. This Talisman was inspired by her bravery and perseverance and is worn for Courage and Tenacity.

CS12 Runestar Pentagram <b>R320</b>
CS12 Runestar Pentagram R320

Creative Inspiration>
The Great Skalds (Poets) found inspiration in the elements around them and from the Earth’s wisdom. This amulet featuring Futhark Rune inscriptions representing the poetry of Nature aids those seeking Creative Inspiration.

CS16 Nidhogg Dragon <b>R320</b>
CS16 Nidhogg Dragon R320

Resolving Difficulties.
Nidhogg, the Viking Serpent of Immortality thrives in the dark Underworld of Niflhelm. This pendant is reputed to bestow upon the wearer the ability to resolve difficulties and to Survive and Triumph Through Troubled Times.