Briar Dharma

Lead-free Pewter with black cord


<b>BD1 Sacred Triad</b>
BD1 Sacred Triad

For Recovery & Well-Being
Cosmic Bhaishajyaguru illuminates the universe and is master of healing, physical and spiritual. He is here in triad with the sister Bodhisattvas of Sunlight and Moonlight.

<b>BD5 Victory Banner</b>
BD5 Victory Banner

For Strength of Purpose & Ultimate Success
Triumph of mind, body and spirit over life’s challenges is powerfully symbolized in this classical Tibetan charm

<b>BD9 Dharma Wheel</b>
BD9 Dharma Wheel

For Perfect Learning
The dharma wheel is precious to all seekers of truth. Its eight spokes represent the eightfold path, as its circle symbolises the perfection of Buddha’s teachings.

<b>BD13 Mandala</b>
BD13 Mandala

For Enlightenment
Sanskrit for “sacred centre”, this holy pattern guides the wearer in meditation and takes one a step closer to spiritual perfection.

<b>BD2 Buddhist Wheel</b>
BD2 Buddhist Wheel

For continual Learning & Personal Development
Most ancient of Buddhist symbols, the eight-spoked Dharmachakra wheel crowns an endless knot, and evokes every symbol and teaching of Buddhism.

<b>BD6 Hand of Buddha</b>
BD6 Hand of Buddha

For Courage & Fearlessness
From Sri Lanka, the image of Buddha’s hand palming the holy Saptaratna jewel shows freedom from fear. With this gesture of Abhaya Mudra, Buddha reassures us: “Fear not.”

<b>BD10 Bloom of Enlightenment</b>
BD10 Bloom of Enlightenment

For Perfect Joy and Wisdom
As the floating lotus unfolds, seeking the sunlight, it reveals the pure flower. Its eight petals symbolise the Eightfold Path of Buddhism

<b>BD14 Mystic Union</b>
BD14 Mystic Union

For Harmony
The female Prajna (Wisdom) and the male Karuna (Compassion) unite in this deeply symbolic pendant, as the Deities conjoin to achieve Enlightenment.

<b>BD3 Blessed Embrace</b>
BD3 Blessed Embrace

For Protection & Guidance
Avolokiteshvara leads seekers towards enlightenment. All-seeing eyes and a thousand embracing arms lend comfort and help to each in their struggle.

<b>BD7 Phurbu</b>
BD7 Phurbu

For Vanquishing Negativity & Clearing Obstacles
The most mysterious of Tibetan Buddhist sacred objects, Phurbu restrains demonic spirits. This magic dagger may be used by shamans and seekers to expel evil forces.

<b>BD11 Buddha Tree</b>
BD11 Buddha Tree

For Inspiration
After years of searching and meditation, Prince Siddhartha Gautoma found enlightenment under a sacred fig tree. This beautiful pendant subtly celebrates his moment of Truth.

<b>BD15 Adi Buddha</b>
BD15 Adi Buddha

For Peace & Creativity
Buddha existed before Existence, and is the Infinite, Omniscient One who created All

<b>BD4 Saptaratna Stone</b>
BD4 Saptaratna Stone

For Spiritual Wealth
The shining jewel purifies the heart and represents all the treasures of Buddhism. Known as the “wish granting stone”, it is said to satisfy sincere desires.

<b>BD8 Liberation</b>
BD8 Liberation

For Freedom from Suffering
Avalokiteshvara promised to free all from suffering, but split into thousands of pieces. Kindly Buddha transformed him and, as a being with eleven heads, he calms distress in every direction.

<b>BD12 Vajra</b>
BD12 Vajra

For Attaining Goals
Vajra is symbol of three stages experienced in attaining Perfection. Meditation on the jewel at its centre helps the wearer reach this state of being.

<b>BD16 Lotus Knot</b>
BD16 Lotus Knot

For Purity & Knowledge
Padma Shrivasta shows the interdependence of all things. With no beginning and no end, this sacred icon means Long Life and Eternal Love.