Essential Oils (Pure Aromatherapy), Base Oils & Pot Pourri (Perfume) Oils

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Essential Oils (11ml)

ES135 Angelica 11ml R x
ES135 Angelica 5ml R x
ES37 Aniseed 11ml R x
ES13 Basil 11ml R x
ES10 Bay 11ml R x
ES130 Benzoin 11ml R x
ES16 Bergamot 11ml R x
ES17 Black Pepper 11ml R x
ES141 Buchu 11ml R x
ES20 Calamus 11ml R x
ES** Cajaput R x
ES** Caraway R x
ES24 Camphor 11ml R x
ES132 Cardamon R x
ES52 Carrot 11ml R x
ES54 Carrot Seed 11ml R x
ES28 Cassia 11ml R x
ES29 Cedarwood 11ml R x
ES57 Celery Seed 11ml R x
ES21 Chamomile Blend (Blue) 11ml R x
ES19 Chamomile Roman 11ml R x
ES38 Cinnamon Bark 11ml R x
ES31 Cinnamon Leaf 11ml R x
ES45 Citronella 11ml R x
ES09 Clary Sage 11ml R x
ES15 Clementine 11ml R x
ES35 Clove 11ml R x
ES40 Coriander 11ml R x
ES67 Cypress 11ml R x
ES26 Dill 11ml R x
ES14 Elemi 11ml R x
ES27 Estragon 11ml R x
ES42 Eucalyptus 11ml R x
ES124 Fennel (Sweet) 11ml R x
ES44 Frankincense 11ml R x
AE** Frankincense (Somalia) 11ml R x
ES30 Galbanum 11ml R x
ES46 Geranium 11ml R x
ES41 Ginger 11ml R x
ES49 Grapefruit 11ml R x
ES50 Helichrysum 11ml R x
ES125 Hyssop 11ml R x
ES51 Jasmine (Blend) 11ml R x
ES51 Juniper 11ml R x
ES51 Lavender 11ml R x
ES51 Lemon 11ml R x
ES51 Lemongrass 11ml R x
ES51 Lemon Verbena 11ml R x
ES51 Lime 11ml R x
ES51 Mandarine 11ml R x
ES51 Marjoram 11ml R x
ES51 Marigold (tagetes) 11ml R x

All prices include VAT.

Base Oils (50ml or 100ml)

ES99 Almond (Sweet) 100ml R x
ES58 Aloe Vera 100ml R x
ES109 Apricot 100ml R x
ES119 Argan Oil 50ml R x
ES39 Arnica (Concentrate) R x
ES60 Avocado 100ml R x
ES120 Baobab Oil 50ml R x
ES137 Black Seed - Kulanji 50ml R x
ES100 Borage 50ml R x
ES101 Calendula 50ml R x
ES140 Castor 100ml R x
ES69 Coconut Oil 100ml R x
ES102 Comfrey Oil 50ml R x
ES103 Evening Primrose Oil 50ml R x
ES63 Flax Oil 100ml R x
ES64 Grapeseed 100ml R x
ES123 Hazelnut 100ml R x
ES104x Hemp Seed Oil 100ml R x
ES104 Hemp Seed Oil 50ml R x
ES74 Jojoba Oil 100ml R x
ES105 Jojoba Oil 50ml R x

All prices include VAT.

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