Speciality Pendulums

DP1 Oracle Pendulum

The Oracle is a must have, use your Pendulum to set a dialogue with your Intuition and to receive back reliable information from your Higher Self. Includes a Life Management Chart to answer questions when you are placed at a crossroads in your life.

DP2 Love Pendulum

The Love Pendulum will give you amazingly accurate answers to your questions about Love. Finely tuned from brass and coated with white bronze, it is perfectly balanced for you to tune in with your psyche to help give you the answers to your questions

DP3 Witches Pendulum

Complete with The Witches Chart which has been carefully designed to aid budding Witches work. Whether you are just starting out or an accomplished Witch, The Witches Pendulum can answer questions such as the best time to cast a spell or tell you if the location is conducive to your intention

DP4 Wealth Pendulum

The Wealth Pendulum includes a Wealth chart that has been specifically designed to answer your questions on Money, Finance and Wealth