Double-Terminated Crystal Pendulums

Each of our Double-terminated pendulums is created from high-quality crystal, carefully hand-wrapped in imported silver-plated wire and individually packed with comprehensive information on the healing properties of the crystal.

Aegerine - for Protection, Energising & Healing
Amethyst - for Spiritual Awareness & Harmony
Aventurine,green - for Emotional Balance & Gratitude
Calcite,yellow - for Self_Confidence & Belief
Clear Quartz - for Wisdom & Clarity
Fluorite,rainbow- for Manifestation & Decision-Making
Kyanite,raw - for Intuition & Balancing of Chakras

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Labradorite - for Patience & Perseverence
Lapis Lazuli - for Self-Acceptance & Spriritual Development
Moonstone,rainbow - for
Rose Quartz - for Unconditional Love
Smokey Quartz - for Proction, Grounding & Transformation
Sodalite - for Communication & Harmony
Tourmaline, black - for Protection