Mystic Kabbalah by Briar

Price: R395

<b>MK1 Figure of Solomon</b>
MK1 Figure of Solomon

For Spiritual Prosperity.
Combining the Second Pentacle of Jupiter with Chai, the Hebraic Life symbol, this Seal endows the wearer with Spiritual Prosperity and Tranquility of Mind.

<b>MK5 Archangel Compass</b>
MK5 Archangel Compass

For Harmony with People & Places

<b>MK9 Ring of Mercury</b>
MK9 Ring of Mercury

For Divine Knowledge

<b>MK13 Sephiroth Sphere Key</b>
MK13 Sephiroth Sphere Key

For Chasing Dreams

<b>MK2 Enneagram</b>
MK2 Enneagram

For Greater Self Knowledge.
Using the symbolism of the first nine Hebraic letters to represent the 9 defined Human Personality types, this Enneagram is an archaic tool for gaining greater Self-Knowledge.

<b>MK6 Magick Square of Saturn</b>
MK6 Magick Square of Saturn

For Self Discipline

<b>MK10 Hand of Khamsa</b>
MK10 Hand of Khamsa

For Luck & Protection

<b>MK3 Kabbalah Star</b>
MK3 Kabbalah Star

For Positive Energy & Protection

<b>MK7 Key of Solomon</b>
MK7 Key of Solomon

For Protection of Mind & Spirit

<b>MK11 Lunar Pentacle</b>
MK11 Lunar Pentacle

For Liberation of the Spirit

<b>MK4 Pentacle of Venus</b>
MK4 Pentacle of Venus

For Loving Relationships

<b>MK8 Archangel Shield</b>
MK8 Archangel Shield

For Mindfulness

<b>MK12 Tree of Life</b>
MK12 Tree of Life

For Spiritual Enlightenment