Magickal Charms

Faithfully reproduced from the Key of Solomon Talismans and Medieval Amulets in the Warsaw Museum, these Magickal Charms & Amulets are made of brass & copper with a black cord.

MA06 <b>R240</b>
MA06 R240

To Keep a Lover/Partner/Friend

MA08 <b>R240</b>
MA08 R240

For Strength, Power & Abundance

MA10 <b>R240</b>
MA10 R240

Against Frailty of Spirit & Self Doubt

MA33 <b>R240</b>
MA33 R240

For Good Health & Vitality

MA39 <b>R240</b>
MA39 R240

For Happy Love & Good Friendship

B88 Tree of Life <b>R240</b>
B88 Tree of Life R240

For Knowledge & Wisdom

MA42 <b>R390</b>
MA42 R390

Key of Solomon Talisman
For Good Fortune

MA43 <b>R390</b>
MA43 R390

Key of Solomon Talisman
To Surmount Obstacles

MA44 <b>R390</b>
MA44 R390

Key of Solomon Talisman
To Develop Intellectual Abilities

MA45 <b>R390</b>
MA45 R390

Key of Solomon Talisman
To Fulfil Ambitions & bring Success

MA47 <b>R390</b>
MA47 R390

Key of Solomon Talisman
For Luck in Trade & Industry

MA53 <b>R390</b>
MA53 R390

Key of Solomon Talisman
Magickal Figure of Happiness

A98 Eye of Horus <b>R240</b>
A98 Eye of Horus R240

For Health, Strength & Vigour

A99 Heptagram Mystic Star <b>R240</b>
A99 Heptagram Mystic Star R240

For Harmony in Love & Friendship

A100 Star of Solomon <b>R240</b>
A100 Star of Solomon R240

For Wisdom, Intuition & Understanding

A101 Pentacle of Eden <b>R240</b>
A101 Pentacle of Eden R240

For Winning A Lover’s Heart

B86 Sun Talisman <b>R240</b>
B86 Sun Talisman R240

For Wealth, Health & Happiness

B87 Shri Yantra <b>R240</b>
B87 Shri Yantra R240

Jewel In The Lotus, For Good Luck

C76 Hieroglyphia <b>R280</b>
C76 Hieroglyphia R280

For Happiness, Health & Harmony

C90 Abracadabra Triangle <b>R280</b>
C90 Abracadabra Triangle R280

For Unexpected Good Fortune

D68 Egyptian Ankh <b>R320</b>
D68 Egyptian Ankh R320

For Health, Prosperity & Long Life

D89 Celtic Cross <b>R320</b>
D89 Celtic Cross R320

For Health, Courage & Protection

D97 Hand of Fortune <b>R360</b>
D97 Hand of Fortune R360

For Great Luck In Life