Pewter with black cord, Price: R320

<b>GW01 Moon Stag - Mystical Power</b>
GW01 Moon Stag - Mystical Power

The mighty stag is crowned with the lunar orb of the Empress of Night. In the ancient forest, the stag’s antlers – like the spreading branches of the Greenwood - reach tall and wide with Life Force.

<b>GW05 Dragon Tree - Shielding from Danger</b>
GW05 Dragon Tree - Shielding from Danger

Dragons – “Watchers” from the ancient Greek “dracon” – are Otherworldly Guardians of precious metal, jewels and knowledge. From their home at the roots of the sacred Greenwood Oak, they rise to cloak invisible all who require their Magical Protection.

<b>GW09 Elemental Gaia - Peace & Tranquillity</b>
GW09 Elemental Gaia - Peace & Tranquillity

The Earth – Gaia – is Mother to us all, and She is Nature at her most benevolent. Commanding the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, She will grant Peace and Tranquility to those who respect her domain and follow her Path.

<b>GW13 Green Man - Natural Magic</b>
GW13 Green Man - Natural Magic

Elemental King of the Forest, The Green Man embraces Natural Magic and the cycle of Rebirth through the Seasons. He is the Guardian of Nature and the true Spirit of the Woodland.

<b>GW02 Mushroom Fairy - Transformation & Illumination</b>
GW02 Mushroom Fairy - Transformation & Illumination

Fairies whirl about the mushroom ring to a hidden piper’s tune. Inviting all to embrace the Magic of their Secret Realm, they invoke Green Power deep in the forest.

<b>GW06 Elf Heart - Happiness & Love</b>
GW06 Elf Heart - Happiness & Love

The Elven clans, sylvan and shimmering, seal Magical Charms in garlands of everlasting woodland flowers. They encourage the pure of heart and allow their energy to be summoned.

<b>GW10 Acorn Faerie - Fertility & New Beginnings</b>
GW10 Acorn Faerie - Fertility & New Beginnings

Woodland gardeners, the acorn sprites gather and plant Oak tree’s seeds where they will thrive, and so maintain the Woodland balance. As allies to humans, they will lend their green fingers.

<b>GW14 Sword in the Green - Magical Protection</b>
GW14 Sword in the Green - Magical Protection

This Magical Sword, crafted from strong metal and set with crystal charms, lies safely hidden in a Greenwood glade of flowers and sunlight. A most powerful weapon of Herne the Hunter, it remains unseen by those who would misuse its perfect Power.

<b>GW03 Celestial Hare - Quick Thinking</b>
GW03 Celestial Hare - Quick Thinking

The Hare, Sacred Child of the Goddess, dances across the face of the full moon, ever-bright. Graceful in its zigzag path, it eludes the hunter. Mischievous, inventive, fertile, and beautiful, it is the Totem animal of the Greenwood.

<b>GW07 Tree Runes - Positive Energy</b>
GW07 Tree Runes - Positive Energy

Oak, Holly, and Ivy are all magical trees in the Greenwood. Oak is Nature’s Magician, Holly guards against Evil Spirits, and Ivy stands for Good Luck and Fidelity. Sacred Runes ring these Sacred Trees as a double charm FOR POSITIVE ENERGY AND ACHIEVEMENT.

<b>GW11 Flight of the Goddess - Awareness & Knowledge</b>
GW11 Flight of the Goddess - Awareness & Knowledge

A whisper of shadow, soft wings in the dusk, the Owl warns of approaching danger and sharpens inner and outer Vision. Under a Crescent Moon, wise and wild, she flies swift through the Greenwood to capture the Truth.

<b>GW04 Herne the Hunter - Justice & Respect</b>
GW04 Herne the Hunter - Justice & Respect

Herne, in great Greenwood Forest at Windsor, lives as Horned Hunter of Mystical Strength and Honour. In legend, he saved the life of the English Sovereign and evermore is honoured for fair play and upholding order. His image is worn FOR JUSTICE & RESPECT.

<b>GW08 Stag Lord - Protection & Defence</b>
GW08 Stag Lord - Protection & Defence

Lord of the Greenwood, the primeval Stag watches over all Forest Dwellers. No harm, material or magical, will come to those who wear his symbol and hold him in their hearts.

<b>GW12 Wood Witch's Wand - Magical Knowledge</b>
GW12 Wood Witch's Wand - Magical Knowledge

The Wood Witch of the Greenwood cloaks herself in leaf and branch and is unknown to most mortals by choice. Her Wand is a Mystery, but those worthy of Initiation will find it can be asked for Magical Knowledge.