Briar Gemstones

Sterling Silver with a genuine crystal, black cord & satin pouch

Some pendants also feature 9ct Gold

<b>BG01 Fidensa</b>
BG01 Fidensa

Malachite, a stone to clear past traumas. It is surrounded by the Zodiacal signs for Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn, Earthly symbols to bring Security and GROUNDING.
Price: R1195
Stone = Malachite. For Grounding

<b>BG05 Cassiellum</b>
BG05 Cassiellum

Amethyst, gemstone of the Heavens set on the symbol of Fire with the Sigil of Cassiel, Angel of Saturn inscribed for KARMA CLEARING
Price: R1495
Stone = Amethyst. For Karma clearing

<b>BG09 Mercurea</b>
BG09 Mercurea

Sodalite, gemstone of the Throat Chakra with the symbol of Air and Mercury, planet of Intellect and COMMUNICATION
Price: R1350
Stone = Sodalite. For Communication

<b>BG13 Fleur de Venus</b>
BG13 Fleur de Venus

Rose Quartz set on a mount inscribed with ancient Hebrew script of Love & Victory on the Fleur de Lys.
Representing Peace, LOVE & Understanding through the Planet Venus.
Price: R1350
Stone = Rose Quartz. For Love

<b>BG02 Chatoya</b>
BG02 Chatoya

Tigers Eye, a stone for Inner Confidence. It is set on a mount of Symbols & Ancient Scripts of powerful Jupiter for great SUCCESS.
Price: R1195
Stone = Tigers Eye. For Success

<b>BG06 Libera</b>
BG06 Libera

Peridot, a cleansing gemstone mounted on the Symbols of Fire to Cleanse the Spirit and
Price: R1350
Stone = Peridot. To release Negativity

<b>BG10 Equilibra</b>
BG10 Equilibra

Citrine, the stone of Harmony, aligning Male & Female, Above & Below with the Wise Symbols of Air for BALANCE
Stone = Citrine. For Balance

<b>BG14 Gabrielus</b>
BG14 Gabrielus

Fluorite connects to the symbols of Air and Water with the Ancient Script of Gabriel, the Ruler of Water for HARMONY
Price: R1495
Stone = Fluorite. For Harmony

<b>BG03 Selene's Glaive</b>
BG03 Selene's Glaive

Containing a genuine Moonstone of Selene, Lunar Goddess and also the planetary seal of the Moon, this pendant can be worn for INTUITION
Price: R1495
Stone = Moonstone. For Intuition

<b>BG07 Cross of St. Michael</b>
BG07 Cross of St. Michael

Haematite, the stone of Immense Strength is mounted on the Archangel Cross of St Michael for PROTECTION
Price: R1495
Stone = Haematite. For Protection

<b>BG11 Viking Compass</b>
BG11 Viking Compass

Iolite was used by the Vikings to assist with navigation on long Sea Voyages. The Powers of the Iolite are associated with the Element of Water, enhanced by the Zodiacal Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces which surround the Gemstone.
Price: R1495
Stone = Iolite. For travel

<b>BG15 Quintessence</b>
BG15 Quintessence

Garnet set on Symbols of Quintessence, the fifth and highest Element after Air, Earth, Fire & Water.
Quintessence, a Pentagram with 5 orbiting Stars of David
Price: R1795
Stone = Garnet. For Psychic Insight

<b>BG04 Sigil of Bether</b>
BG04 Sigil of Bether

Containing a genuine Lapis Lazuli, stone of Prosperity and Abundance, with the Sigil of Jupiter’s Spirit. The pendant can be worn for WEALTH.
Price: R1195
Stone = Lapis Lazuli. For Abundance

<b>BG08 Fortitudo</b>
BG08 Fortitudo

Blue Chalcedony, gemstone of the Voice with the power of Jupiter to FACE FEARS
Stone = Blue Chalcedony. To face fears

<b>BG12 Ashshaph
BG12 Ashshaph

Labradorite is set on the sword of the Enchanter Ashshaph, Astrologer and Magician, mounted with a Quintessence star for MAGICKAL ABILITY
Price: R1495
Stone = Labradorite. For Magickal Ability

<b>BG16 Phul's Moon</b>
BG16 Phul's Moon

The Quartz stone is surrounded by the Horns of the Cusp of the Moon and is mounted on the Moon’s Planetary Spirit, Phul. The four Hebrew letters stand for Levanah, which means “Moon”.
Price: R1195
Stone = Quartz. For Transformation